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About DPG

Dental Purchasing Group (DPG) is a member-driven dental group purchasing organization based in Lancaster, Massachusetts. Serving both independent and group practices, we're proud to offer clients more than 19 years of relevant experience in this industry, as well as in pharmacy. Work with our team to discover new ways to save on essential products and services as you focus on what matters most—your patients.

Building lasting relationships with clients is one of our first priorities. We understand the concerns your practice faces when it comes to covering everyday costs - that's why we offer NYSAGD Members FREE Lifetime Membership without any obligations or contracts. It's easy to learn whether you'll benefit from our cost savings programs—simply reach out to us or fill out the form to sign up.

Recent Testimonials

Exactly What Our Practice Needed

We cannot say enough how pleased we are with being part of DPG. This is exactly what our dental practice has needed for a very long time, especially in this difficult economy. As dental professionals we have enough to worry about in the day to day business, without adding the stress of trying to shop around for the very best prices on items we absolutely cannot work without!




DPG Works Tirelessly

It makes perfect sense that purchasing in numbers should equal a better price. DPG works tirelessly to make this happen behind the scenes, so we never have to worry. They band dental offices together, in purchasing numbers only, to guarantee better pricing. Therefore, we do not lose control over our business.  We would recommend DPG to every dental practice out there. If there are any practices that would like to contact my office personally, please do not hesitate.

Michael Mossmann D.D.S.
Leah Mossmann R.D.H. / Practice Manager


Michael Mossmann D.D.S.
Leah Mossmann R.D.H. / Practice Manager