DPG offers the most diverse portfolio of dental specific vendors in the US. Our vendor partners have been chosen for the quality of products and services they can offer our members, along with the gold standard of customer service. Our vendor partners have created DPG specific pricing programs designed to reduce costs, improve revenue and help practice owners achieve their goals. 

We are proud to work closely with each of the companies listed. The level of knowledge in their respective fields as well as the degree of professionalism they show DPG practices is unparalleled. We are actively negotiating with vendors on behalf of our members. Please be sure to check back frequently to learn about additional DPG vendor programs.

Electronic Payments

Your job is to run your business, not to worry about payment processing! Electronic Payments has eliminated all the apprehensions and concerns associated with accepting and processing credit cards. Since 2000, we've been providing merchants nationwide with state-of-the-art solutions that are user-friendly, reliable and secure. Like so many of our merchant partners, you too can maximize your business's operations with the most innovative and trusted payment processing services and solutions.

By establishing the highest standards for service, integrity, and price, we enjoy one of the greatest reputations in the payment processing industry. Our in-house merchant support and 24/7 technical support teams have years of industry experience and can assist you with any need. Plus, with so many changes in payment technologies, we're always on the forefront, offering the latest in mobile, NFC and EMV-ready solutions.

UltraDent Products

Ultradent Products, Inc., a dental manufacturer with a 35 year history of innovation and quality, was established on a solid foundation of core values and a clear vision to improve oral health globally. It is an honor to partner with DPG and we look forward to the future and working with the exceptional dentists within their network.


Coverys provides medical professional liability protection to physicians, hospitals, dentists and other healthcare providers and is committed to financial stability, integrity and a reputation for excellence. We are dedicated to protecting the livelihood of our policyholders.

22 Ad Group

At 22 Ad Group our goal is to build and execute online marketing processes that will help you grow your dental practice. We use Inbound Marketing Strategies that are customized to reach your target audience, gain traffic to your website and convert that traffic into scores of new leads.


ADP® can help your business succeed with payroll and other solutions that help you grow. ADP and Dental Purchasing Group (DPG) have joined to offer special pricing to new small business clients.

Twelve Points Retirement Advisors

Does your retirement plan have a diastema you can drive a truck through? Twelve Points Retirement Advisors works to fix gaps in retirement plans for dental practices. We work to remove personal liability from the plan and optimize savings with more advanced retirement plans. If you want to remove personal liability and save more tax-deferred give us a call at 978-318-9500 or check out our website to request a complimentary consultation. We are offering a 10% discount for our services to all DPG members.

First Command Bank

We embrace time-tested financial principles, advocating a disciplined, long-term approach to saving and investing, supported by strategies to manage financial risk. We assist our clients with reducing debt, increasing savings and simplifying everyday money management.

Den Vantage logo 

DenVantage is a web-based, highly advanced membership plan that is the key element of innovative and successful practice growth and improvement strategy.  By its incentives, it will immediately start increasing the number of patients who pay in advance, keep appointments and never make you deal with insurance claims or restrictions.  

Contact Details:  Dan Jackson, Chief Operating Officer,;

Postcard Mania logo

PostcardMania is a marketing company specializing in lead generation, with a soft spot for direct mail and dental practices. They have worked with over 5,500 dentists (and counting!), track campaigns that are successful, and then USE that data to inform future campaigns. When you work with PostcardMania, they customize a campaign for you that suits your practice while still staying true to the strategies that have been PROVEN successful by your peers. Some of their clients have increased their average monthly new patient numbers by 147%, 156% and even 500% — really!

To bring in more new patients to your practice, contact Samantha Head or Kristin McGeough, your dedicated DPG consultants, at 844-573-8085. Or email them at!

Tetra Dynamics Dental Lab


Sterngold Logo

Sterngold Dental LLC, located in Attleboro, MA, is an iconic brand and global leader in alloys, attachments, implants, and restorative systems. Since our founding in 1897, our mission has been to bring reliable, innovative products to our customers and confident smiles to their patients. That’s why in every product we supply and each technical question we answer, we are committed to excellence.

Sandy Lima-Wenger 800-243-9942 or 508-243-9942 Extension 1235
DPG Member Advisor

Concord Dental Lab

Concord Dental Laboratory is excited to partner with the Dental Purchasing Group and its members to provide high quality fixed dental restorations. Since 1962 we have been combining our hands-on skill with the latest technologies to provide the highest aesthetic results possible. We look forward to becoming a member of your team.

WB Mason

Who but WB Mason for all your office products, furniture, janitorial and breakroom needs!

Insight 360 logo

Analytix’s Insight360 Dental Solutions provide dental practices with the insights and data needed to confidently make financial and operational decisions that make a positive impact on your business.  Our solutions combine accounting and bookkeeping services, powerful apps and tools, and an intuitive technology portal to help streamline reporting and various functions.

In addition to a special rate for DPG members, we are offering a complimentary analysis of your accounting processes. Contact us today so we can help you optimize your financial operations.

Contact for DPG Members:
Satish Patel
CEO, Analytix Solutions
Ph: 781-503-9000


Viora, a leading provider of medical aesthetic solutions and is passionate about helping dentists deliver the most effective results to their patients. Since 2005, Viora has sought to improve upon treatment experiences by enhancing existing technology. Viora's non-invasive and minimally invasive products treat a wide range of symptoms and are the perfect solutions to address today’s most commonly requested treatments, such as skin tightening, body & facial contouring, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, acne clearance, skin resurfacing, stretch mark reduction, hair removal, skin lightening and more. Viora is established in over 65 countries, with corporate HQ located in the US.


Komet USA, LLC, a leading, family owned dental bur manufacturer, for 90 years, shipping direct from Germany, minimal backorders and consistent quality. Save up to 60% with your DPG discount.

Bank of America Partner Solutions

Since 1996, Bank of America Practice Solutions has served the needs of Dental professionals by offering financial products and services to the dental community. Whether you own a practice or are just getting started, they can provide customized financial solutions for your short-term needs and long-term aspirations. Bank of America is a trademark of Bank of America Corporation. Bank of America Practice Solutions is a division of Bank of America Corporation.

Dental Claims Cleanup

Dental Claims Cleanup is a remote access, national dental billing company. We manage claim submission, narrative submission, claim follow-up, claims correction and re-submission, EOB breakdown and entering in the practice management system, benefits verification, and patient balances collection.  Other services include hygiene patient reactivation program and medical billing for dental procedures. We are honored to be a part of the DPG network and are looking forward to working with DPG members. Please visit our website for more information and pricing. Remember that you will receive 5% discount being a DPG member.

Crown Healthcare Apparel Service

Crown is a healthcare laundry service for dental practices delivering scrubs, lab coats, and warm ups to ensure a clean, compliant, and professional image. Call 800-221-2725 to speak to a Crown representative.


Technology can help your practice become more productive and profitable. Or it can hamper your efforts and create downtime and increase stress levels. Make sure you’re getting the greatest return possible on your IT investment by working with an IT provider who not only understands IT but who also ‘gets’ how dental practices work.

Kettenbach dental simply intelligent

Kettenbach LP is located in Huntington Beach, CA, and is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG located in Eschenburg, Germany. Founded by August Kettenbach in 1944, Kettenbach GmbH was created for the development and marketing of medical and dental products. Today, the company is one of the leading international producers of impression materials for dental use and is also known in other surgical areas of medicine.

For more information about Kettenbach LP products, please call direct 877-532-2123 or visit

NDX National Dentex Labs logo

NDX is a family of over 30 labs in 25 states focused on delivering high-quality products at competitive prices and a level of service unrivaled in the industry. We look forward to discussing your needs with you to determine the best solutions for your practice.

Brian Traudt; Director, Corporate Accounts; 512-923-5223


Prudental Laboratories

Prudental Laboratories would like to formally introduce ourselves as a Dental Purchasing Group supplier! As a member of this esteemed organization, you will have access to the special pricing Prudental is offering DPG dentists.

As a family owned & operated lab since 1989, Prudental Laboratories has earned the trust of dental offices across the country with our high-quality dental products and services. These are always provided at a low cost while still fabricating 100% of our work in the US.

Prudental specializes in crowns, bridges, removables, and implants. We deliver cases within 5 working day and offer pre-approved rush services and overnight package delivery to all locations.

Agera Energy

Agera Energy looks forward to working alongside the Dental Purchasing Group to provide its members power, natural gas and LED solutions to help gain control of their energy costs. Our customizable plans include month to month or fixed terms that work around the goals and needs of each business.

Atlantic Precious Metal

For 27 years, Atlantic Precious Metal Refining has been the leading dental refining company in the United States. Its headquarters in Leetsdale, PA is supported by its state-of-the-art, full scale smelting, assaying, and chemical refining facility. Each dental lot is processed individually with full assay report provided each time. Payment is within ten days of receipt. Each lot is paid at 90% of the intrinsic value of the Palladium, Gold, Platinum, and Silver found in your sample.

Bio Horizons

BioHorizons is a leading dental implant and biologics company that offers a broad product portfolio, including dental implants, surgical planning software and tissue regeneration solutions for the replacement of missing teeth. BioHorizons uses science and innovation to create unique dental implant products with proven esthetic results. Our implants carry a lifetime warranty and are clinically proven by some of the most thorough and in-depth research in the industry. BioHorizons products are available in 85 markets around the world.


For 45 years TSI has been committed to the profitability of our 10,000 dental clients. Our customizable 1st party and 3rd party collection solutions, combined with our included technology, seamlessly integrates with your existing process (billing software) and keeps you in control of your information and Accounts Receivable. Save money. Save time. Save patient relationships. Let us be your trusted partner!

Apex Reimbursement Specialists logo

Apex Reimbursement Specialists is a PPO and Revenue Management consulting firm whose underlying goal is to help you increase your revenue! Apex does this through PPO fee negotiation, provider credentialing and carrier relationship management and a review of production to assess coding & compliance standards in your practice. Apex dental clients have earned up to 10x their ROI!

To start increasing your revenue please contact Harold Gornbein at 410-710-6005 or

Microdental California Laboratory logo

MicroDental Laboratories is one of the leading dental laboratories, servicing dental practices in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world. Offering world-class quality and personalized service, MicroDental aims to help dentists create an exceptional and convenient treatment experience for each and every patient. MicroDental is DAMAS accredited, a certified dental laboratory, and features one of the highest ratios of certified dental technicians to cases in the industry. MicroDental offers a full-service portfolio that includes fixed, removable, and implant restorations as well as sleep apnea treatment devices. MicroDental uses FDA accepted materials and Identalloy/Identceram material verification systems.

 Contact information for the direct point of contact at MicroDental for DPG members

 Tamie Ianson
925 495 6110

3M company logo

At 3M Oral Care, we promote lifelong oral health by developing innovative dental and orthodontic solutions that help simplify your procedures and give you confidence in your work. With a history of leadership in the dental and orthodontic industries and a scientific approach to product development, we create the high quality, advanced products you need to keep your patients smiling.

3M Link for HealthCare Academy for on-line CE's; 3M Oral Care Education

Dental Customer Care: 800-634-2249

HMC Official Logo

HMC is a full service and repair company. We can service and repair just about any handpiece made.
HMC is excited to announce our partnership with DPG. Our mission is to provide the very best quality, service and pricing to each DPG member. With over 25 years of dental handpiece repair experience, HMC will ensure your handpiece get the very best care. You can count on HMC for your dental handpiece repair needs.

Contact information:
Lori Nickerson
978-887-5800 (local)